keyboard volume control ubuntu not working

If you are a Linux newbie, you may want to read about Wubi (installation) of Ubuntu


If at all you find the keyboard shortcut to volume control – Fn+Pg Up and Fn+Pg Dn – responding to the key press but not altering the sound level, it most probably that you have tweaked something not knowing what its result would be.

TO restore to normalcy, goto System -> Preferences -> Sounds

Under Default Mixer Tracks select Playback and Master under this and select OK and the key press should now alter the sound level.

If you want to make sure that Playback-Master is the control rightclick on the volume control icon next to the sate and time display and select Open Volume Control. Now modify the controlled stream by selecting in File-> Change Device. You should select the one which alters the sound level.


13 Responses to “keyboard volume control ubuntu not working”

  1. I was banging my head with this one. I did, in fact, tweaked my sound settings and ended up messing with the controlled stream. Thanks a lot for posting this.

  2. […] a Coolarm’s blog por postear esto, seguramente aun estuviera buscandole solución de no ser por este […]

  3. Great help! Now it works as it did before. I was not tweaking, however I have plugged a new audio device, or better webcam with mic.

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Thank you!!! Headache gone 🙂


  6. Jasbir Singh Says:

    Thank you so such a easy fix.

  7. Many thanks!
    btw. Any idea how to stop my motherboard from assuming error sounds within Jaunty?

  8. thanks a lot 🙂

  9. Thank you!

  10. Ah thank you very much!

    This fixed my volume buttons in Ubuntu 9.04.

  11. Awesome. I’m glad to find a solution and see I’m not the only person to make this mistake.

  12. go to package manager and install pulse audio server. It worked for me

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