voip and video with gtalk users from linux

If you are a Linux newbie, you may want to read about Wubi (installation) of Ubuntu



I had been searchign for a solution for the above problem. I came across a bunch of solutions like Landell, Ereseva, Kopete with plugin, TapiocaUI. For one or the other reason, I just couldnt get it working on my system.

Landell, after a number of tries – compilation from source – I would land up in the same problem with some “argument: Null”. I then tried this Ereseva. Poor thing, wouldnt even fire up. Kopete with plugin, is still under build, i guess and TapiocaUI (package) is not available for my amd64 hardy arch. Landell and Ereseva dont seem to have enough support too, from the developers.

Today, I got the solution for the same. EMPATHY(Emphatic atlast) solves your worries.

I am yet to test the voice quality, though it establishes the connection. Also it has a video transmission facility, though I am yet to test it. The advantage is that, packages are available. I got to know of the location from a webpage on UbuntuForums

The instructions are as follows:

Step 1:Add the line

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/telepathy/ubuntu hardy main

at the end of the file /etc/apt/sources.list       –        This ensures that the above website location is searched for hardy compatible packages when a apt command is issued to install or search for a package

Now run,  sudo apt-get update

Step 2: Now to install the necessary packages

sudo apt-get install empathy
sudo apt-get install telepathy-gabble
sudo apt-get install telepathy-mission-control
sudo apt-get install telepathy-stream-engine

If you dont find any of these packages, you have most likely not added the source properly into the sources

Now goto Applications->Internet-> Empathy Instant Messenger

You should find it open up with the accounts dialog box or it should be minimized to the panel, in which case click on it to restore it. If you are not seeing the Accounts dialog box, goto Edit->Accounts

Provide your complete gmail id, xyz@gmail.com, Password, Enable by checking the Enable box and close. Restart the program and you shoudl see your Buddies. Time to chat

Extra Info:

The following dependencies are automatically installed by apt:

empathy :libempathy-common libempathy-gtk-common libempathy-gtk12 libempathy12
libmissioncontrol-client0 libmissioncontrol-server1 libtelepathy-glib0
libtelepathy2 telepathy-mission-control

telepathy-gabble:  libloudmouth1-0

telepathy-mission-control : is installed in Hardy-Wubi-AMD64-Desktop installation.

telepathy-stream-engine :gstreamer0.10-plugins-farsight libfarsight0.1-3 libgsm1 libjinglebase0.3-0
libjinglep2p0.3-0 libjinglexmllite0.3-0 libjinglexmpp0.3-0
The following packages will be upgraded:

http://live.gnome.org/Empathy is the homepage of Empathy.  The debug isntructions in the webpage, http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/Debugging is also useful. I did use it to understand that “@gmail.com” is essential in the login ID field.

http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=819046. This is a thread from where I got to know about the launchpad repository.

Enjoy GTalking….


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    Thanks for your useful information….my dear friend….

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