Electronics Software in Linux – Layout Editor

To add to the list of Linux-software for electronics listed in another post, I came across this software named LayoutEditor – A open-source IC/MEMS Layout editing tool which can also work on Windows. Whats more???

It seems to have been a result of lot of thought and hardwork, given the features you would find implemented in it. One can also write macros to automate the procedure, use command line entry,  view 3D models of the layout, operate on different file-formats and whole lot of tweaks an be applied. I have been using it for a while and it is a really useful software to learn about Layout Editing tools. It is surprising that it comes for free among all the costly LayoutEditors available as such. This should be a really useful tool for academia too. The online forum also has regular replies from the author for questions posted by users and regular updated versions of the software.

http://www.layouteditor.net is the official website

I would encourage you to atleast visit the site and visit the sponsors as well – a easy way to contribute to a very good project.


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